Hooray! I Got A Job!

2016 Is Going To Be My Year After months of seeking I found a job. I was having a hard time not giving to depression, and just staying in bed, and letting whatever happened, happen, but I kept on. I start in the morning and I’m so excited. And grateful, and hopeful, and relieved. It […]

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Changing Focus

If At First You Don’t Succeed Modify Your Goals It’s been almost 3 months since my wife told me to leave, and in that time I’ve tried to find work as a writer. Nothing glamorous or exciting, just paid blog writing, copywriting, etc. I’ve done it for years and I wanted to do something like […]

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A Fresh Start/A Blank Slate

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, and noticeably absent from this blog. I was helping my ex move from what was our home. Moving sucks. Moving your family when you’re not going with them is… anguish. The very day my wife told me she wanted a divorce, our landlady told us she wanted […]

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(Job) Hunting and Gathering

Staying Positive Is Non Negotiable The biggest challenge I’ve faced since my wife and I split is completely intangible. It’s not being completely, honestly, stone broke. It’s not being without a┬ácar. It’s not even staying with my friends as I get my shit together. Those things all suck, incredibly, but they’re not the hardest things […]

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